About Us


  • Incorporated in the year 1973, established on 24th July, 1976
  • Production line in 1976: Mfg. of Caffeine (Extracted from Tea Waste using solvent extraction procedure) Mfg. of Thinners for use in Paints, Alkyds, etc
  • Product addition in 1979: Organic Fertilizer ORGATHEA (etymologically ORGA from ORGANIC and THEA from biological name of tea family - CAMELLIA SINESIS)
  • Diversified for a new line of product in 1998: Sodium Benzoate and Benzoic Acid (a popular food preservative extracted using spent up by-product of BRPL plant from Bongaigaon, Assam)
  • Incorporated PEAK PETROCHEMICALS on 22nd September 1999 for import of Chemicals and Solvents as processing raw materials for manufacture of Industrial Solvents
  • Took over Hindustan Fertilizer and Chemical Ltd., Govt. of India Undertaking, Bio-Fertilizer Unit and Soil Testing Laboratory in the year 2006 and started a new division as PEAK BIOTECH for marketing the manufactured products i.e. Bio-fertilizer & Bio-Pesticides by PCIL.
  • Organic Fertilizer and Bio-Nutrients produced from Tea Waste under manufacturing license issued by the Tea Board of India.
  • Fully equipped Laboratory to handle Bacteria & Fungal Cultures along with Soil Testing and Micro Nutrient Analysis.
  • 1st Company in West Bengal in Collaborative Agreement with University of North Bengal and to train Biotech students under Biotech Consortium India Ltd., New Delhi.
  • Agreement with Jalpaiguri Vivekananda Education Society (NGO) to provide agri-extention services to small & marginal farmers.
  • MOU signed with Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat for isolation of beneficial micro organism from the soil of north eastern states, for the benefit of tea plantation & agriculture.