Our Team

Mr. Dipak Ranjan Sen
Chairman, Peak Group of Industries
Mg Director, Peak Chemical Industries Ltd

Peak Chemical Industries Ltd, the flagship company of Peak Group of Industries was established by Mr. D. R. Sen way back in 1973. He is a visionary technocrat entrepreneur & under his esteemed guidance, the group has been committed to & proficiently associated with the agricultural sector over the last five decades & has grown from strength to strength. Being a student of science throughout and having completed his Masters degree in Science, M Sc (Chemistry), from Calcutta University he always aimed at developing an industry in his area of interest. This strong visionary approach of his urged him to study Industrial Management from Calcutta University as well.

In the early years of his professional career, Mr D R Sen was associated with a few renowned companies like Albert David Ltd., Chemist, Associated Industries Ltd and Assam Pharma Ltd in the position of Senior Chemist / Chief Chemist & these initial years of his career helped in enriching his overall knowledge & added on to his experience.

Since 1973, as Managing Director of Peak Chemical Industries Ltd. & Chairman of Peak Group of IndustriesMr D R Sen has undertaken the following noteworthy initiatives –

  • Development of self designed techno-economical viable projects
  • Manufacturing process of Caffeine IP, Sodium Benzoate & Benzoic Acid
  • Quality control laboratory
  • Self innovation on Agri Biotechnology products with sophisticated laboratory
  • Soil testing laboratory with AAS (Atomic absorption Spectrophotometer for testing as per FCO-85
  • Developing Bio Control and Bio fertilizer/ Organic manure/ micronutrients/Plant growth regulator etc
  • Extraction of n-triacontanol (30 carbon chain Fatty alcohol) from Waste tea.

Apart from Peak Group of Industries, Mr D R Sen has been associated with & held positions (past & present) in various organizations, which are as follows –

  • Founder Secretary of Siliguri Ramakrishna Vivekananda Society (NGO)
  • Chairman of Jalpaiguri Vivekananda Education Society (NGO)
  • Past Chairman of ITI, Coochbehar
  • Past President of Siliguri Industries Association
  • Executive Member of FOSMI – Kolkata
  • Member of Indian Chamber of Commerce, Kolkata
  • Executive Member of ICMMA, Kolkata
  • Member of Indo-German Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of Asian Agri History Foundation
  • Advisory Committee Member in Bio-tech Department of North Bengal University

As an example of him being recognised for his contribution towards development of the agricultural sector it may be mentioned that Mr D R Sen was felicitated by the Honourable Chief Minister of Rajasthan at the International Conference on Vriksha Ayurveda and Establishment of Organic Practices, organized by AAHF, for his activities & contribution towards establishment of Organic and Bio products in Eastern India.

Mr D R Sen has visited Netherland, Germany, United Kingdom and many other European countries as business delegate. He also visited China in the year 2002 and also in recent past, April 2012, as Business Delegate to build up business relations between the countries in the field of Organic Food Industry for present & future development in this continent. It was noted that organic agriculture is the future of the world as because people are conscious about health hazards caused by chemical fertilisers & pesticides and its residual effect on all living body – a concern to all individuals.

Our Team

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

The Organisable area is divided in two separate verticals with sole the aim of providing quality products & high end services to our esteemed clients.

The first vertical which is the spine of our organisation considering our core area as Research & Development is headed by Mr. Dipak Ranjan Sen, CMD of the Company.

Mr. Vibek Sarkar ( Microbiology) and Ms. Pallavi Mukhia( Microbiology) head of the Production and Quality Control divisions. The production team comprises of 20 key people at different stages including field trials at our Company plot 14 Kms. from Siliguri comprising of 30 Acres of cultivable land.

The Company based in Siliguri West Bengal having a team of employees expert in different professions working as team professionals under the guidance and leadership of Mr. D.R. Sen.

We have also marketing team headed by Mr. Abinash Chhetri who is taking care of marketing of our various products in different agricultural tea gardens as organic inputs via constant follow up with all our buyers and consumers and time to time our team is being guided by our team leader Mr. D.R. Sen regularly & Constantly as such we could established our self most quality conscious organisation with its consumable products for the growth and development of plantation and organic agriculture cultivation & production for safe health of consumers.

The Tea Gardens of North Bengal & Assam are our valuable customers and they are very happy with our products and promoting the same for the growth and development of sustainable organic inputs, the customers are happy by last 25 years by using our products and we are also happy to give them proper and fruitful services and also create a bonding between buyers & sellers with consumers.

The fore most concentration is being given by us through our products is the uncompromisable quality on organic inputs which we maintain since last 50 years.

We change our self as per the Universal Growth & development with uncompromising attitude; each and every of our products are being established by different certifying agencies regarding its quantity consistency and the cost effectiveness. We solicit your enquiries and happy to meet all your requirements in cultivation. We are being license to produce by the department of agriculture. Govt. of West Bengal and also Quality control certified by IMO Certification, microbial Strains have been obtain from well renowned & well reputed research institution of Govt. of India(Indian Institute of Horticultural Research)- Bangalore for sustainable quality.