Range of products Manufactured by us


Brand Name Product Information Usage / Target Pests & Diseases Dosage
ORGATHEA Organic Manure (with high % of carbon) Soil application and in planting pits. 1-1.3 MT / Ho and 150 –200 gm/ pit
SPUTNIK-7 Micronutrients Mixture Foiler spray dissolving in water 500gm/200Ltrs water (per Acre spray)
PRAGATI N-Triacbntanol (Plant growth promoter) Foliar spray dissolving in water 100ml in 200Ltrs water (per Acre spray)
PEAK SULPH PEAK SULPH is an orange coloured liquid having 40% w/v sulphur in water soluble form Prevent black and red spider mites, white mildew, shot hole brown rot, powdery mildew, rust mite, two spotted mite, tomato mites, fungicide & also works on Leaf Curl diseases PEAK SULPH : Acts also as nutrient for oil seeds cultivation. Mix 2ml in one liter of water & spray on leaf. Soil Application as nutrients
PEAK AMINO PEAK AMINO is a mixture of protin peptides, polypeptides and amino acids from vegetative sources. It supplies nutrients to plants for faster growth. Enhances protein in vegetative cells, increase chlorophyll for better photosynthesis. Acts as a cytoplasm osmotic agent & improves overall growth of plants. Mix 3 ml in one liter of water & spray on leaf.
ASHIRWAD BIOZYME GRANULES ASHIRWAD BIOZYME GRANULES is a mixture of 6% Humic Acid, 7% sea weed extract, 2% Amino Acid, 1% Fulvic Acid in a natural granules media for all type of cultivation Increases water holding capacity, seed germination reduces soil erosion, chelates nutrient uptake by plant, increases plant cell division & promotes growth, photosynthesis, root respiration & supply of nutrients 8-10kg/acre (soil application), 25-40gms/plant/pot (for Pot Culture), 2kg/0.8 acre or 5 katha and for all type of cultivation. Mix with other fertilizers.
PEAK NEEM AZADIRACHTIN INDICA (300 ppm/ 1500ppm / 10,000ppm) Neem acts as repelent anti¬feed ant and as Ovicidal effect on most of the pest. Right concentration of Azadirachtin in Peak Neem enables maximum benefit. 1-8ml. per RT. depending on ppm levels & pest infestation condition.
PEAK TEA SPECIAL POTASSIUM HUMATE (12% w/v) ZINC SULPHATE SOLUBOR MAGNESIUM SULPHATE MANGANESE SULPHATE Improves Plant uptake of Essential Nutrients, increases effectiveness of applied fertilizers, improves water holding ability, promotes better soil structure, helps in all round development and growth of plants. Mix 3-5 ml per H. of water. Generally upto 5Itrs. per season can be applied. Better result when used during Plucking season.