Organic Manure


Organic Manure

PCIL offers a wide range of Organic Manure (Organic Fertilizer) to our esteemed clients. Organic manure is a mixture of several essential ingredients like the cake of non-edible oils, neem, compost etc. The organic manure if applied at the time of sowing provides balanced nutrition to soil. The organic manure we offer improves soil fertility and productivity and also controls termites in the soil.

Organic Certification for Organic Farming

In India organic manure, compost, oil cakes, Cow dung and other manures are estimated to contribute about 6 million tons of nutrients to the soil. The chemical fertilizer composition in the country for 2002-2003 is at the level of 1 8-20 million tonnes (65 Kg/ha) and increasing at the rate of 1 2% p.a. and presently about 25% of the Nitrogenous fertilizer is imported to meet the demands.


ORGATHEA rehabilitate and reclaim the soil by increasing the carbon contents and maintaining C/N ratio so that the plant can utilize the plant food in optimum level. Our product contains about 15% organic carbon, which absorbs the toxic residues from soil due to random use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides etc., making the product quality better.ORGATHEA is an ideal substitute of de-oiled neem and cow dung etc. It is purely organic in nature and mostly originates from the plant kingdom, which is scientifically processed for re-using to accelerate the yield of crop. The presence of organic matter in ORGATHEA profoundly influences the soil micro flora and micro-organisms enriching field soil.

The presence of cellulose content in ORGATHEA is very effective for maintaining pH of soil. Carbon, the basic factor and flesh of the soil, ORGATHEA works effectively to increase the organic carbon and enhances the Nitrogen content. All though Nitrogen base organic manures were less efficient than chemical fertilizers, combined use of organic manure (ORGATHEA) was found to be superior to the use of fertilizer alone. Therefore it is advisable to use Orgathea in combination with chemical fertilizer. The rate of application of ORGATHEA will depend upon the soil texture, slope and depth of water table. The addition of Orgathea to sandy soil will increase the availability of the moisture to the plant and thus reduce the number of irrigation.


2/3 MT per Ha for Broadcasting and field preparation

  • In Tea nursery pots and sleeves in each plant – 40 to 60 gm
  • In Tea Transplantation pits – 100 to 200 gm
  • In Tea Soil preparation – 2 to 3 Mt. Per Ha
  • In matured Tea garden broadcast – 2 to 3 Mt. Per-Ha.

However, this dose is changeable subject to the soil condition and wisdom of Garden

Manager and advice of tea consultant.

  • In matured Tea garden broadcast – 2 to 3 Mt. Per-Ha.