Plant Growth Promoter


Plant growth promoter


PCIL offers a wide range of foliar spray to our esteemed clients. We are one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of foliar spray. Our foliar spray has number of advantages and is used in many chemical fertilizer industries. Our foliar spray PRAGATI helps in the growth of the plant.

PRAGATI-(N-triacontanol formulation)

PRAGATI is a commercial formulation containing essential Micronutrients and growth promoting substances like N-triacontanol. N-triacontanol is a plant growth promoter remote from the active fraction of tea waste. This product helps in improving the absorption of nutrients from soil as well as efficiency of the metabolic process in plants. It fulfils the nutritional demand and helps in the formation of food material like carbohydrates, proteins etc. This results into growth and development. Successful results have been concluded from test conducted in several agricultural universities. It is found to increase yield in crops. Plant growth promoters like N-triacontanol is most beneficial to farmers and give better returns. PRAGATI increases photosynthesis and accelerates vegetative growth of plants. It is well known that the more energy the plant absorb, the faster it grows. Due the process of photosynthesis, bio-stimulants have higher absorption capacity through foliage. It boosts growth in a natural way and allows plant to effectively utilize available moisture and nutrients.

  • Photosynth Foliar Spray.
  • Plant Growth Promoter.
  • Accelerates healthy growth of plants.

CH3 (CH2)28 CH2OH [30 Carbon chain fatty Alcohol].


Clear liquid and water soluble solvent base for easy dispensability.

  • Can be used with Micronutrients, Insecticides and Pesticides
  • Extra Ordinarily good for Tea Plantations.
Method of use

100 ml  to dissolve in 200 litres of water and spray on the leaves on 15 days interval. The leaves should be completely drenched while spray.


Highly soluble in water.

How to Determine the Action After Use of Pragati-
  • The leaves become deep green in colour within 7 days
  • More Chlorophyll formation on the leaves
  • Rapid flowering and more leaves
  • Accelerates total healthy growth of plant

20 Litres Poly Jar sealed pack.

Shelf Life

24 months from date of mfg.